Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Welcome to Free as in Freedom

This blog is the tech only offshoot of Open Source Revolution, a blog about activism that also deals with computer activism such as open source software. As I delved deeper and deeper into tech related articles I decided that they needed a blog of there own. I will no longer be publishing on Open Source Revolution, but Another Angry Veteran will keep up the articles there on non-tech oriented activism.

Now I use Linux, Ubuntu 8.04 actually, so many of the articles here will be strictly Linux oriented. However, I also use variants of FreeBSD and other distributions of Linux as well as some self compiled versions. So expect to find some articles on those topics as well.

My primary focus here will be on technical articles. How-tos, FAQs, links to documentation, tips and tricks, etc. but there will also be reviews and rants as what tech blog would go without those. If you are intrested in writing for the blog or in providing assistantce in any other way you can let me know by commenting. All comments are moderated so this also serves as e-mail notification for me. If you want the comment to be directed to me only and not published just say so in the comment and I won't put it up, just read it.

By tomorrow there should be an article about Ubuntu to start things off. At some point there will be a comic as well but they may take some time as I also do the comic for Another Angry Veteran.


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