Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Look at Ubuntu 8.10: Intrepid Ibex

Well I had planned on this being the first article I wrote about the forthcoming Ubuntu release but I'm afraid that at this time I can not do that. The upgrade will not properly work on the test desktop I selected. The problem, according to the feedback from update manager, is an inability to correctly modify the repositories prior to the actual upgrade taking place.

When I have time I will look further into the issue and see if there is already a workaround known and if not what I can do to create one.

Until then I have selected another test desktop which will take a full install of Ibex from CD. However, I will not consider these results to be reliable in terms of upgrading as we're talking about different processes being used at this point.

To highlight some on the features of the new version I will be using ext4 with LVM and both Gnome 2.2.3 and KDE 4.1. I've never been a fan of KDE but I suppose it deserves a place in the reviews as many people do like it and use it with Ubuntu on a regular basis.

Bugs found during this test will be listed here and be submitted to the development team.

The desktop that will be used has a Pentium 4 at 2.6Ghz and 2GB DDR400 RAM along with a 30GB and a 60GB IDE Hard Drive. Testing will begin this Friday the 12th and will continue for five days with posts being made at least once a day on the status and results.

Sorry for the delay.

Ah, before I forget the version will be Alpha 5.

Until then.

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